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The #guardianexclusive saga shows why I shouldn’t make bets…

@guardian_sport: Major - and boy do I mean it - football exclusive coming up on guardian.co.uk sometime around 5.30.

@Mr603: RT @ianprior: Ok, small clue. Big transfer story and not Man U being sold - James Richardson to Sky Sports. Bolt on. Panic over.

@Mr603 I can’t get a bet on, but someone put some cash on #guardianexclusive being AC Jimbo to Sky, and then split the winnings with me.

@Mr603: @karlsentk It’s Graun columnist James Richardson to Sky Sports (undisclosed)

@guardian_sport: #Inter to bid £40m for Gareth Bale gu.com/p/2myhg/tw via @guardian #thfc

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